We all know that accessories are the details that can make an outift perfect. Accessories are not only for ladies, as they can make a gentleman look good on a chilly day and draw attention upon himself. The thing is to choose them with style and match them to your outfit and your personality.

Some may say that paying attention to the exterior appearance is a superficial matter, meant for the ladies, but this is far from the truth. Since ancient times people were preoccupied about how they looked like, because that sends a message about you.

A Christmas party requires you are nicely dressed, but it depends on the location of the event and the company. There are parties where you should be elegant, some where you don’t have to.

A business meeting is an important moment in a businessman life, even if it hapens almost every day. You have to impress any business partner and we all know that image is very important, especially for the first impression.

The connoisseurs will always know the difference between a high quality suit and an ordinary one. Everyone can tell when you look good and you are well-dressed, but very few can appreciate all the details.

The first date is always important, especially if you really like that lady and want to find out more things about her. You have to make a good impression and be sure you will get a second date, so every detail is important. Plan ahead and don’t leave anything to chance, even if you will try to appear spontaneous to her.

An educated man knows that accepting compliments in a nice and simple manner is the only way around. Here is some advice on how you should respond in this kind of interractions.

There are some special occasions where Black Tie is the only appropriate dressing code. Even if the invitations says it is optional, you should go for it and be sure that you will look elegant and sharp, just like a gentleman.